The Stinky Giant

The Stinky Giant 9780375867439

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Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Genres: Children's Fiction Books, Children's General Story Books
Authors: ,
Pages: 48 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0375867430
ISBN13: 9780375867439
Tags: Children's Fiction Books, Children's General Story Books
Language: en
Pepper and Jake love herding sheep in the little valley where they live. But there's a problem— a big problem. Urk, a giant who lives on a nearby mountain, is big and stinky and doesn't care that dumping dirty laundry water in the nearby stream causes a flood down below every single week. So Pepper and Jake hike to Urk's mountaintop lair to confront him. But there's no reasoning with a giant, especially one who gives cryptic puzzles to solve. If the kids can solve it, Urk will move away. If not, Pepper and Jake (and their sheep) will be the featured ingredients in Urk's next bowl of smelly soup!


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