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Publisher: Penguin Books, Limited
Genres: Psychology Books, Popular Psychology
Pages: 176 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN10: 0241257476
ISBN13: 9780241257470
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Language: en
Physical Form: Book
Type: Digital
The bestselling Games People Playis the book that has helped millions of people understand the dynamics of relationships, by psychiatrist Eric Berne.
We all play games. In every encounter with other people we are doing so. The nature of these games depends both on the situation and on who we meet.
Eric Berne's classic Games People Playis the most accessible and insightful book ever written about the games we play- those patterns of behaviour that reveal hidden feelings and emotions. Wise and witty, it shows the underlying motivations behind our relationships and explores the roles that we try to play - and are forced to play.
Games People Playgives you the keys to unlock the psychology of others - and yourself. You'll become more honest, more effective, and a true team player.
'A brilliant, amusing, and clear catalogue of the psychological theatricals that human beings play over and over again' Kurt Vonnegut
Eric Berne was a prominent psychiatrist and bestselling author.After inventing his groundbreaking Transactional Analysis, he continued to develop and apply this new methodology leading him to publish Games People Play. This became a runaway success and Berne leaves a remarkable legacy of over 30 other books and articles, as well as the founding of the International Transactional Analysis Association.
Dr Berne's other works include Principles of Group Treatment, A Layman's Guide to Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis',and What Do You Say After You Say Hello? He died in 1970.


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