Heartwood (Speakeasy Taproom #2) Free ePub Download

Heartwood (Speakeasy Taproom #2) Free ePub Download

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Publisher: Frisky Fox Publishing Incorporated
Genres: Romance Books, Adult & Contemporary Romance, Adult Books
Pages: 224 pages
ISBN10: 1954034083
ISBN13: 9781954034082
Tags: Romance Books, Adult & Contemporary Romance Books, Adult Books, Free Books Download, epub Books Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Type: ePUB

She needs a fresh start. He wants a second chance...

My new job as a chef in a small town was supposed to be my ticket to peace and quiet. I didn't expect to run into the former hockey star who gave me the hottest nights of my life. And, oops, he's sort-of my new boss. So much for keeping my past where it belongs.

Ty still thinks I'm the fun party girl. He has no idea how much things have changed. One thing that hasn't changed: the spark between us. It's hotter than the blowtorch I use on my crème brûlée.

I'm already keeping secrets, so what's one more? Our tryst is forbidden, it's fun, and it gets complicated as fast as you can say "check, please." I didn't expect to have a future with Ty. And I definitely didn't expect to have a baby with him. Some falls are harder than others. But it depends on who's there to catch you...


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