The Body Free epub Download

The Body Free epub Download

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Publisher: Doubleday Books
Genres: Popular Science Books, Popular Culture Books
Pages: 454 pages
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN13: 9780857522405
Tags: Popular Science Books, Popular Culture Books, Free Books Download, epub Books Download
Language: en
Physical Form: Book
Type: Digital
We spend our whole lives in one body and yet most of us have practically no idea how it works and what goes on inside it ... In his brilliant, bestselling A Short History of Nearly Everything, Bill Bryson set off to explore the universe and the science of everything in it. In The Body, he turns his gaze inwards, to try to understand the extraordinary contraption that is us. As he guides us around the human body to discover how it functions, what can go wrong and its remarkable ability to heal itself, what emerges is that we are infinitely more complex, wondrous and mysterious than any of us might have suspected. From our genes to our linguistic skills, our big brains to our dextrous fingertips, we are an astonishing story of success. And the history of how we have tried to master our biology and stave off disease is full of forgotten heroes, astounding anecdotes and extraordinary facts. (Your body made a million red blood cells since you started reading this.) Endlessly fascinating, and as compulsively readable as it is comprehensive, The Body will lead you to a deeper understanding of the miracle that is life in general and you in particular. A must-read owner's manual for everybody, this is Bryson at his very best.


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