Winter World (The Long Winter #1) Free ePub Download

Winter World (The Long Winter #1) Free ePub Download

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Publisher: Legion Books
Genres: Science Fiction, Finance Books, Thriller Books
Pages: 474 pages
ISBN10: 1940026210
ISBN13: 9781940026213
Tags: Science Fiction Books, Finance Books, Thriller Books, Free Books Download, epub Books Download
Language: en
Physical Form: eBook
Type: ePUB

A global ice age... pushes humanity to the brink of extinction.

As ice spreads across the planet, scientists race to figure out why the Earth is cooling.
They send probes into space--and make a shocking discovery: there's a mysterious object drifting toward the sun.
Could it save us from the ice age?
Or is it the cause?
With time running out, NASA launches a desperate mission to make contact with the object. But it isn't what they expected.

* * *

From A.G. Riddle, the worldwide bestselling author of The Atlantis Gene and Departure, comes a new sci-fi thriller that will change the way you look at Earth's place in the solar system forever.

* * *

Each month, Earth grows colder. Snow falls in summer. Glaciers trample cities across North America, Europe, and Asia. The new ice age gripping the planet shows no signs of stopping.

Chaos erupts. Around the world, people abandon their homes, fleeing the cold, flocking to regions where they can survive.

Nations prepare to go to war for the world's last habitable zones.

NASA and other scientific organizations race to discover why the world is cooling. They send probes into the solar system to collect readings. Near Mars, one of the probes finds something no one expected: a mysterious object, drifting toward the sun. Could it be responsible for the new ice age? And if so, can we stop it? Or is the artifact merely an observer? Or neither? Could it be a relic from a long-extinct civilization? One thing is certain: investigating the artifact is humanity's best hope of survival.

As the ice age claims more lives and the world slides into anarchy, an international consortium launches a mission into space to study the object and make contact. But the first contact mission doesn't go as planned. What the crew discovers out there is beyond anyone's imagination.


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